Monday, December 19, 2005

Starlight starbright

I Painted the frame with layers of white and yellow, and then sanded it. It came out pretty nice (I think) looking alot like the overdyed WDW Saffron I used in the stars.

Becca asked me in a previous comment how I liked my stitchers stand that I got last year for christmas. Well I have mixed feelings. I like it for larger pieces but they can only be a certian width (ie my Santa of the forest is too wide for it) It was difficult for me to not see the back when attempting to couch threads since there is no way to flip over the piece. And I could never get it into a comfortable position with it...I was always adjusting it and tilting it. I know there is a better stitching stand out there (I have heard great things about the StitchMate ...but I would want to know I would love it before buying it). I am glad that Ian did not spend lot on the stand...but I will be using it again when I get back to View to a Spring Garden.

Finally if you havent seen Screaming at Santa yet....check it out for a good laugh


Michelle said...

Hi, I read many blogs but always stick with yours and a few others, thank you. :o) Writing because: check out I have one of these and it's great for cross stitching. You can flip it up, add stuff to make it easier, will take anything you can put in a frame, etc. It's not exactly beautiful, but it is more than adequate for crafting. Happy Holidays!!!

becca said...

Hey, thanks for the frame feedback! I think I'm going to give that stitcher's stand a try (between dissertation chapters, sigh). The Gripit and StitchMate both sound great, too. But oh, the cost... What are we stitching grad students to do? :-)