Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Peace tree

Peace tree
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.
Finally finished the Peace tree. I had a devil of a time with the curve at the top... I tried the sandwich style of finishing for the first time and I used (horrors) glue to put the whole thing together...I had glue everywhere.
Anyway I am pretty much done with my stitching for now, I seem to have hit a lull. I have 6 WIP's (I have started alot of little things recently) but just don't seem to have the heart right now to work on them.
I only have 2 large WIPs ...and I looked at them both yesterday and did not feel inspired.

The tree is decorated, my christmas shopping is done, and the house is mostly decent. I am feeling a bit lost and in limbo right now, I want to take a break/ vacation but I also want to get my thesis done ASAP. I am to meet with my advisor this afternoon to discuss what looks like (to me) very messy results..I hope she can pull a few conclusions out of the chaos. Maybe then I'll be able to move forward.


RĂ³sa said...

Very nicely done, IMO. I'd love to do that one as well as hope and faith. I've already done Love but I'd also like to do that over one. Congratulations on your finish :-)

Jenna said...

So, that's what it looks like when it's finished, eh? ;) Looks good to me!