Friday, December 30, 2005

End of Year review

We after Cathy and Jo did an end of year list I figured I maybe should have a look see at what I accomplished this year. A note for those of you who will be surprised at this list...I have never stitched as much or as consistantly as I did this year.

In rough order:
Rose Heart sampler-Just Nan
Sending love tiny kit-unknown (G)
Valentine bird-CS calander
Liberty sampler -XS quick mag
Owl -prarie schooler (E)
Bless the Baby- Lizzie Kate(G)
Village Sampler- Prarie Schooler (G)
Pittsburgh- Oberlin (started in late 90's)
Seaside garden- Victoria Sampler
Waxing moon birds freebie (lost at Joann's Fabrics *sigh*)
Little house in the woods -Heart in Hand
Baby Sampler- JBW (G)
2 Name tags
Pumpkin Pagent freebie (E)
Think Autumn -Lizzie Kate(E)
Cozy Cabin freebie (E)
Making Friends-tie one on
Hohoho-Tie one on
12 Days of Christmas afghan- Alma Lynne (Started in 97)
Starlight Starbright - Waxing moon (G)
Peaceful Ways - La di da (G)
Garden exchange (its a secret)- (E)
Flip its- Lizzie Kate (9 in total , 3 were done in 2004)

Babys first ornament (G)
2003 JCS-Joy needle roll
2004 JCS- Candy Cane Cat, Happy Holidays Snowman, Noel Birdhouse, Peace tree, Peace needle roll, Joy
2005 JCS- Love needle roll

Over all I feel like for all my stitching I should of finished more. But I guess 41 is good, but what I am most proud of is that only 5 of those are sitting in a drawer...the other 36 were actually framed (by moi) or finished as an ornament or pillow.

Here is Dec goals:
Finish a cross stitched quilt square for a fellow Tarheel stitcher No
Finish the afgan (days 10-12) Yes
Finish Dec Flip it Yes
Finish Peace tree ornament Yes
Start Little Snowman in the Drifts Yes
Do NO more than 3 new ornaments (I am feeling the itch) Yes
Find and do my garden exchange piece for the SBEBB (due Jan 9th I think) stitching done-finishing this weekend

As for January I am only working on one goal
No new projects
I resolve to finish my WIP's this month (I have 9).

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