Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Year...Resolutions? nah...

....I have too much to do to make resolutions this year. Unfortunately Cross stitch is still elusive. I am going to sign up for valentines exchange though, even if it is just to force me to pick up a needle this month. Don't think I haven't tried, All i need is a new project right? Well the other day I started Four Trees by Bent Creek. three hours and one tree later I realized I was off center by a whole inch! this means ripping it all out and starting again. Like I said before, other pregnant ladies forget their keys,etc...I feel like I have lost my ability to stitch.

On the up side, (if it is an up side) I have entered the fat stage that all the books talk about happening during the third month. (where you don't look pregnant yet just fat) So even though I am entering my fifth month, my jeans only have another week or two of fitting.
In preparation of Babyhood, I started to clean out my Mary Kay stuff, which is currently housed in the baby's room. Being a consultant for 5 years can certianly build up a lot of trash, and I maintain a full inventory. Even though I am not fully active (I rarely hold classes) I still want to maintain my customers, so I reduced it down to the basics; inventory, samples, paperwork. and it is getting moved to a convenient location in the attic. This of course meant the attic needed a bit of sprucing...the result: 2 bags of trash, a giant pile for Goodwill, and a (almost) empty closet for Baby.

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Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Embrace the fat stage, at 5 months you have more than earned it. Toss the jeans and fine the big pants. The release may bring back you stitching talents. Congrats on clearing out the old and making room for the new. Happy Stitching, Cj