Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Baby's Room....before

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the main focus of my creative mind these days is the decor for the room of my baby....GIRL. Yep we found out on Monday the ultrasound went great and everything looks good. Part of me was pulling for a boy just because I wanted to get this crib set. Now it seems to boyish for a girl. and I have yet to see any "theme" for a girl that appeals to me. but regardless we have started to prepare the room.

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orange shag
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this fabulous room has Orange shag carpet (which is going!) and was the home of the office stuff and weightlifting equipment. We bought a computer armoire and moved all the office stuff to the library. It was cheap at Wally World...which I hate (the store not the armoire) but we couldn't spend too much with baby furniture in our near future. Pretty good I guess. Here it is :

computer armoire closed
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the weight lifting stuff will head out to storage, and the desk to my sister.
The walls are spackled and ready to be primed.

ready to paint
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the next step.... will be as soon as I decide what I want to do. Ian wants to do a mural in the whole room. grass, sky, beach, garden... the ideas are flying around like drunken pilots. so stay tuned for more.
Now I have to go start my valentine exchange piece


xsquared said...

Looking forward to seeing the nursery evolve! I drool over the baby rooms I see in catalogs, then look at the prices of the items and get sticker shock LOL - I better win the lottery before we get pregnant!

Lee said...

It's so great that you're sharing your preparations with us. I am so VERY excited for you!

Sharon said...

A girl how sweet, looking forward to see what you will choose for her room. Any names yet?