Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Halfway to Parenthood

Ian had to leave monday for 2 weeks in Orlando for school (his job makes him take updates on the airplanes he works on and sometimes they get to go to cool places). Unfortunately this leaves me alone and depressed with only the dog and cat for company. I have been trying to stay busy (read: clean the house). I have found a creative outlet that is working for me though. I have been working on my scrapbooks ...right now the one with all the pictures from Alaska. I think I can see the end of this one, with only about 6-8 pages left (I have done about 20 pages since Christmas). after that I am going to try to finish scrapbooking at least all of the 2006 pics. The only problem is that to use the only decent workspace I have (the coffeetable) I have to sit on the floor, and my butt is not approving of this after about an hour or 2.

If I had to analyze this (which I will) I would say that maybe (just maybe) my body is trying to get me to catch up on the photos that I been meaning to get to but have avoided, to get as much done as possible in the next 20 weeks. Even if this is true I am still a bit bummed about my stitching to cheer me up I looked at what I accomplished over the past years since I started this blog:

2006= 32 cross stitch projects completed and 25 finished off (framed, ornament ,etc)
2005= 33 cross stitch projects completed and 30 finished
2004 =12 cross stitch projects completed and 10 finished

Not too shabby, since I bet that those 3 years surpassed the sum total of my stitching up till that point. I think I will set a low goal for the year of 8-10 projects completed. Currently I have 5 WIPS. One of these View to a Spring Garden absolutely has to be finished so I can put that scroll frame takes up too much space when I am not using it. I actually have more of it done than what is pictured there...maybe I'll take an updated photo for you all this evening... it will give me something to do.

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Margaret said...

That is a LOT of stitching! Beautiful piece you're working on. Looking forward to the update.