Thursday, December 28, 2006

Disney, Christmas, Cross stitch, Baby update...Long Post

Ian and I at the Osbourne spectacle of Dancing lights
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Hi everyone, I would like to wish you all a belated Merry Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukah/Winter Solstice. But I am right on time for Happy New Year! Ian and I got back from Disney last wed, and he had to return to work the next day that left me with laundry and refilling the fridge, and doing some (minor) prep for christmas, like cooking and baking a bit for the two of us.
But now the updates

Disney: I shall not bore you with the long winded version of 10 days worth of park hopping and hanging out, so let me summarize. The weather was great, it only rained one day and while it was overcast most of the time, the temp was about 75-80 during the day. We had 7 full days to visit all 4 parks and went to all of the at least twice and saw almost everything. Ian, having never been, absolutely loved it (except not being able to ride the coasters with me, and the fact that Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is gone). I had been to all (but Animal Kingdom) before but it was a great as I remember, if not better because we had the time to browse Disney instead of rushing through it, and being on their dining plan (a bargain for $30 a day per person...we would of spent twice to three times as much if we had paid the list prices) I got to eat at all the places that I had ever wanted to...and some I learned I won't go back to. We never had to worry about transport, the busses, boats, and monorail took us everywhere. We saw all the christmas extras, the fireworks at Epcot, the fireworks at Magic Kingdom (twice), and the candlelight processional at Epcot where we heard beautiful carols, and the readings were done by Neil Patrick Harris.
If you want further insights or review, you can email me at the address in my profile

Christmas: As I had mentioned before I did not decorate this year, so Ian and I just opened our gifts from our families in front of the fire, even though it has beenin the 60s outside. Ian and I did not exchange gifts this year, Disney was it. But I did get a couple of things off my cross stitch wishlist from my mom, Pine Mountain Designs, Stitching and Easter Pillows and Homespun Elegance Winter motif and Fall motif samplers (I have links to pictures of these here on my wishlist). Speaking of cross stitch

Cross stitch: I have done nothing. Sigh. This stiching slump started right after I found out I was pregnant and finished Santa of the forest. It is frustrating because now is the time to stitch...before my life gets kicked in the head by a baby. I want to stitch but it has been boring me after a row or two (even on small projects). Everyone blames weird stuff during pregnancy on hormones. and even though I have not seen my share of any of that yet (no cravings or big mood swings) maybe I can blame my loss of cross stitch desire on the hormones. Sigh. Maybe a new project?

Baby: I went in for a doctor visit yesterday and Ian and I were hoping for an Ultrasound because we were visiting 6 weeks instead of 4 after our last visit. But the doctor said they don't do it till 18-20 weeks. So then I whined a bit about it being 18 weeks for me in 2 days, she obliged by bringing in the portable ultrasound, an older model with a tiny screen and scratchy picture, But we saw a head, a nose, a mouth, 2 eyes, an arm, a spine, 2 legs, and 2 knees. I have to wait 3 weeks for more than that. But I can do that now, because I am finally feeling him/her. Like someone is flicking me with a finger from the inside, I have been feeling kicks since friday, and everyday I feel more of them (in strength and number). I am still not showing very much, my jeans still fit, and I haven't gained but a couple of pounds. But Ian and I have now begun heavy discussion about cleaning out the room that is to be the baby's room..and where all that crap is going to go now. You know...I think I might actually be having a baby.


Retta said...

I loveddd the dining plan and the bus service at Disney! Was so nice just get up, go through the lobby to the bus area and pick a location...whoosh "ride the mickey bus" as my 5 yr old would tell you! The first few days we didn't realize how flexible that meal plan really is, or I probably would have made more dinner reservations!

OH ~ just wait until this kicks and flicks get harder and stronger ... oh my goodness then the fun begins!

Ron said...

Hey Heather!
Its Ron (of Ron and Allison fame).
I stopped by after your blog mention in your holiday letter.

I have known for ages that you were a stitcher - but I don't think I ever realized that you were one of the stitchers that so thoroughly straddle the OCD potential of the medium.
Hot damn!

Its a great way to reign in a busy mind - and I've benefited from similar pursuits.

I don't know if it would be of any interest to you or your readers - but I'm happy to give behind the scenes info (with care against defamation, trade secrets, etc.) of Dimensions/Sunset if you'd like. I worked for Dimensions, designing cross stitch and paint by numbers, and scrap book materials, rubber stamps, etc. for over 8 years - and I would guess people may have an interest in what its like there.
We used to get very nice fan mail from prison death rows - these guys were stitchers, lots of nature scenes, I kid you not. Its stands to reason, really. Don't be overly disturbed by the correlation between yourself and murderers, they don't get out much.

You and Ian are people we wish we could see more often - we have more in common with the two of you than most of the folks we know.

I'm eager to hear about your adventures in parenting (and pre-parenting). You both will make great parents. It sure won't hurt to have one more scientifically literate child around, either!

Anyway - more than enough for now - good to hear from you and we wish you all the best!

PS - congrats on 'The Quickening' - that's gotta freak you out.
Be on the lookout for couvade stuff in Ian - I got ketchup cravings despite having an aversion to the stuff since I was 5.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Awesome baby news, congrats. Enjoy this New Year with all it's new joys. Cross Stitch will come back to you when the nesting phase hits till then relax and keep us posted. CJ