Tuesday, November 14, 2006

S.E.X. at the retreat

S.E.X. at the retreat
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I had a great time, thank you. I arrived around 4 on friday and got right to stitching. I decided to start Mitten Games by Crossed Wing, (see progress below). I stayed up till 11 when I had to crash, luckily my hotel room was a full 5 steps from the meeting room...no kidding.

On Sat we went to Knoxville (30 min away) to visit a LNS..Doublecross. A couple of ladies had arrived the day before and had visited Dixie Darlin the local LNS in Pigeon Forge we usually visit and reported that it had gone downhill, there seems to be a change in management (not ownwership though!) and now it was not as well stocked. Double cross was nice and I was able to get a few things on my wishlist (it has been since updated).

  • Miss Mary Mack by La-Di-Da
    Pumpkin Patches by Full Circle Designs
    Dragonflies, Ladybugs, and Bees oh my! by M designs
  • Priceless by Glory Bee
  • Christmas Forest Ornament by Historic stitches
  • and some fabric that was pretty, cheap, or both

That evening we did the Dirty Santa Exchange and the ornament exchange (I did get a handmade one), and stitched some on Mitten games, and once bored with it, started Nine Patch Village by Brightneedle, till about midnight

On Sunday, everyone left and since I had a bit of time and was n't carpooling, I stopped by the Pfaltzgraff outlet to pick up a couple things and then swung by Dixie Darlins to confirm the rumors for myself. Although the reports were slightly exaggerated, It was definately a different store than I saw 2 years ago...and not to the positive. I did buy Winter wonderland by LHN. but that was it.

Everyone loved Santa of the Forest (I brought him to show him off)

See progress in below posts

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