Friday, November 03, 2006

I gonna try to hit November running.

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Well as for my October Goals: I did finish and frame santa, I did not touch Spookline, and now that may sit in a drawer till next fall, but I did pick several ornaments out of my 7 JCS mags for, this season on Halloween! I picked way more than 5 (I think 10 or so) but plan on doing them all this year. I have decided to do nothing but smalls for the rest of the year to get my cross stitching mood back up. I may pick a medium project for the Retreat next weekend, but for the rest of the year it is going to be ornament city

As you can see pictured above I finished 2 ornaments this month already, the first on the left is Heaven and Nature Sing by Fancy JCS 2005 I had it half done from last year and finished it last night. The second one on the right is Seka's Doubled Sided stained glass ornament from JCS 2000. It is on perforated paper and was one of the first ornaments I ever did,. This one is for the exchange at the retreat, it was easy and I still had all the materials left over from my first one. I was burned 2 years ago, spending hours on a over one ornament that i adored, only to recieve a cheap 50 cent Target ornament in return (the ornament did not have to be handmade, I did it cause I thought (correctly) that it was the preffered option). Luckily the one I made went to a fellow Tarheel who appreciated it very much. So long story short (too late!) I did not want to put to much of my heart into this years, but it looks like i did.

Tonight I plan on starting Elizabeth's Designs' CHristmas Chorus from JCS 2006...Its all kitted and ready to go...........


Margaret said...

Oh I had forgotten about this Fancy Work ornament. I have some of their other ones on my wish list.

Christine said...

I've made several of the Stained Glass ornaments before! It's a great up quickly and looks excellent! Congrats on your finishes.