Saturday, March 12, 2005

Weekend's here! where?

I finally had to take Max in for a bath yesterday...It was pricy but he was stinky, and we have only had him for 3 weeks. You are supposed to bathe dogs every 6 weeks,or their coats will dry out, I am not sure how I'll survive.

Stitching has taken a back seat to the proposal. I aim to have a first draft by Monday for my advisor. I will be sooooo happy when this is done. Then a poster for a confrence in April, a presentation to defend my proposal, and a presentation at a conference in May. Then MAYBE I can take a breather before finishing my Thesis this fall. All the data is collected I just have to interpret it and make it sound good.

The Stitching Blogger Q of the Week: Do you have a favorite designer (or designers)? If so, who is it and why is he or she your favorite?
I guess I would say my top designers are Bent Creek, Lizzie Kate, and Waxing Moon. I love the style they have country/folksy ish but not traditionally so (like Prarie Schooler)..Ok that makes no sense. I guess I would call it "adult cute". I also like their small size and ease of finishing...why I don't do L&L, TW, Mirabila, etc.
But even then there are designs by all those designers that I wouldn't stitch in a million years, and random designs by designers I don't usually like that I have to stitch. I would also say that I am picky with my designs, I have to have an idea of what I will do with it before I'll buy I am not a collector having to have everything by one designer.

Ps. did you see Wil on CSI? He had only 2 scenes, but I hope this is just the beginning of Travolta comeback

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