Tuesday, March 22, 2005

No news here

Hello all,
I finally turned in my proposal to my advisor...and we are good to go...I have to give it to my other comitte members, and then schedule the defense, I was thinking the week of April 11th or 18th.
I will be very happy when it is over.
Meanwhile...my yard looks like crapola and i really don't have the motivation yet to get going on it. I think I will rent a chipper shredder this weekend and clean it up...I just really need about 10 more degrees.
As for stitching I started a towel last week. I am attempting to make it double sided so for the first time I am using the sewing method...its not looking very neat but I know it is my first one AND it will be used in the kitchen so pristine wouldn't last anyway. I a having difficulties stashing the loose ends, so the back is a bit messier, but i am trying to keep that toward the edges of the towel. I am using a pattern off of my 365 Cross Stitch Calendar...pictures soon (althought the only thing to see now is a border).

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