Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Spring not so Break

This weekend has been good, Letssee, I had my stats midterm thursday, then spring break started friday. I had a stitching day with the Tarheels on Saturday, I actually pulled out an old WIP...Oberlin Sampler's Pittsburgh. I have been working on that since then and (although I need to go get some DMC 3013 tonight) should finish it soon. After 7-8 years its about time. I stitched it over 16? count with 3 ended up with great coverage but the quality of my work back then just isn't up to par that is why it has been on the shelf for so long (along with my other 2 big WIPS) I just get depressed at how it looks...and I find all the mistakes I can't fix etc. I also got some finishing done - the march flip it, and Marla's Bless the Baby is finally framed.
Sunday, Max ate something he shouldn't of and had diarrea all day (lovely!) Monday and Tues Ian had and I spent the whole day together(It has been 2 months) . I got some gardening done before the cold came daffodils are blooming are now blown over and kissing the ground.
Ian is off to Witchita, KS for some airplane school till Sat so I am here at Grad school working on this dreaded proposal. I am doing the introduction (which is the toughest) and aim to be finished with at LEAST the first draft by Monday. Most proposal lengths are around 20 pages.....I have 7 so far.
Wish me luck ,

PS____Watch CSI tomorrow night! Wil Wheaton is guest starring, its his first major acting gig in years...Go Wil.

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