Friday, October 16, 2009

And now a plug for my favorite actor/writer/geek

As long time readers of my blog know I am a Star Trek fan, ( so much so that I flew to Vegas for 24 hours just to do "The Experience") Some of you may also remember that one of my very first mentionings of this was the fact that I had "rediscovered" one of my favorite actors from ST:TNG , Wil Wheaton blogging on the internets. Since then he has published 2 more books (adding up to 4 on my shelf right now), and he has not given up acting. You may have seen him in the past few years on CSI, Numb3rs, Leverage, Criminal Minds, and Family Guy. Next week in fact he will be on Big Bang Theory. Shoot, I guess the point of all this is that I , along with many of his fans are just darn proud of him. He was beaten down pretty bad during the Next Gen years, suffering as only a teenager can, disappeared from the public for a long while,and now is doing really well. I have never told you guys to buy anything...until now:

IF you ever watched the first few episodes of ST:TNG and IF you catch yourself watching them now on SyFy and cringe a bit during some of the akward parts. You need to buy Wil's latest rendering called Memories of the Future Part 1. Wil takes each episode of the first part of season 1 and does a recap/MST 3000 riff of them with a bit of backround insight for each one. Trust me when i tell you it is hysterical. I have not yet recieved my copy, but i have read most of the book in pieces over the years (The episodes were first reviewed by Wil for TV Squad). If you are not a fan of ST:TNG, but have a brother/sister/uncle/cousin who is...this is your christmas gift to them. You can only find the book on Lulu, when you order it it will be printed and sent to you directly. (no fussy middle men/pricy overhead for Wil!)

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Sam Kaufman said...

Wil Wheaton rocks; I love his sense of humor