Saturday, October 10, 2009

Over 1 extravaganza!

Hello everyone, I promised progress on Maidens of the Sea, so here you are:

Maidens of the Sea ip
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I know i is a crappy photo and couldn't actually get the whole thing in a photo but these are the last 3 panels

The bottom 2 are done. and I am waiting on some silk thread on order to stitch the "maidens" but there is plenty to do till then.

Panel 4
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Back of fob
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I have already stitched the date so now I HAVE to finish it. Sara, yes I will sell you the pattern when i am done, if i finish it by PF I'll bring it with me or at least to the Christmas party. I'll even throw in the silks I have left.
Speaking of Sara "the over 1 goddess" She recently asked me about Quaker Turtles, which i had put away for a bit cause the over 1 was driving me nuts not to mention it is only 1 color (the over one on MoS are tent stitches, the over one on QT are full cross stitchs). but I think i have found a solution, I am planning on doing 1 motif (like 1 star) each night i stitch...that way i think it will get done , eating the elephant 1 piece at a time. I got 3 done in the last week. Here it is so far:

Quaker Turtles ip
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Daffycat said...

Looks wonderful! ***squints*** I don't do a lot of over 1 because it does drive me nuts!

saras said...

So I'm a goddess? That's nice to know, I'll have to let DH know when he gets home! :) ha