Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Margaret Sherry's N

Margaret Sherry's N
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A bit of stitching? yep. this is a small piece I did for a friends birthday before I left on my trip. Th true colors called for the N to be the hot orange color you see on the lizards scales, but I adjusted it to blues instead. this was inserted in a coaster I had sitting around.

I tried to photograph it, but then tried my NEW scanner that i got for my birthday, and it came out great! Yay! (so good in fact it helped me catch the missing backstitching, which i then promptly fixed).

As for the work my husband did while I was gone, he actually did less than planned cause his furlough got called off...so less time at home but...yes he painted and ripped up carpet and polyed the hardwood floor, we are now moving stuff back in and I need to purchase rugs. I will post a pic when it looks done.


Anna van Schurman said...

Nothing so wonderful as a furlough called off. A great reason to have a semi-finished project if ever I heard one.

Abi said...

Happy Birthday!!!