Sunday, August 09, 2009

I'mmmmm Backkkkkk

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From Pittsburgh! I went up with just my daughter to stay at my mom's house for 2 weeks and I had a really good time. I was able to see old friends, hang with my sister and bro inlaw, and visit old haunts. It was unseasonably cold and rainy so not as much swimming as planned, but A got to hang outside alot with out getting bit by insects like she does down here.

I am heading into work next week, my contract has been renewed but they haven't told me my classes yet (it is always last minute), so I figure I better show up and clean up. and with the beginning of the school year that usually means more stitching and blogging good news for you dear reader!

I never stitch much on vacation but I did get to go to Covered Bridge Needlearts in Bridgeton, PA. They have moved next store in to roomier space since i was there 2 years ago. I did not buy much but it was the most i have ever spent in one LNS. (I got alot of fabric)).
I did buy 2 patterns, Ned Kelly Kitty by the Cat's Whiskers (wouldn't you know they have a whole series!) and Maidens of the Sea by With My Needle. I know I have not progressed alot on the Quaker Turtles but this one was on my list. Add in some $7 silks (ugh) and you have a pricy purchase.

Oh I also got a clear ruler for a stitched insert. I was thinking of doing the "ABC Stitch with me" pattern found in the JCS mag last year, but am thinking their may be something better to do for it ...any one have any ruler patterns they really like?


Pam said...

Glad that you and A had a good visit with your family. Did your DH get the fixing up done around the house that he had planned on doing while there was no one home?

Joanie said...

Oh! Where in Pittsburgh did you go? I'm from there!