Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pirates creed

Pirates creed, originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

Hey folks, sorry for the messed up photo but i took it in a hurry the other day to post for you my progress...I am actually down to the word morale as of yesterday evening.

In other totally random news. I heard that a classmate of Annabeth's was potty trained already...and she is one month younger (19 months) than my baby. My gut reponse...after i stopped sputtering (cause I know the realistic average age for girls is like 30 months)...Let's get the walking down first. UPDATE: we started walking holding on to one hand this week...but not with confidence

Potty training is so far from priority for us it is closer to graduate high school on the lifetime goal list. I guess it just took me by surprise.


Rachel said...

Dont feel bad. I have boys, could take them longer than girls. Boy 1 was 3 when he finally got the clue. boy 2 was a 'tad' harder to train. Could care less about big boy pants and couldnt/wouldnt be bothered with the whole potty training mess. That is until the concept of school hit is brain. Took him 2 days! cause the school wouldnt take him in a diaper. He was 3 1/2 (and I was more than ready!!)

Lee said...

My son and daughter were both close to three years old.

And believe me...what other parents say will surprise you for a long, long time.
Even after high school!

Abi said...

Don't feel bad. Potty training is not even on our radar right now. One of these days, Ayame won't be scared of the bath tub anymore. I'm hoping it will be before she completely outgrows the kitchen sink.

Kendra said...

You'll always come across kids who do things a lot earlier than the norm. And in this case, it might be more of a thing where the adults are "trained" more than the child.

My oldest was daytime trained right after she turned 3 and didn't get fully nighttime trained until she was closer to 4. My youngest (almost 28 months) has peed on the potty once and other than an occasional "pee on potty' mention, hasn't really done much with it. We'll get there soon enough. :-)

Beth said...

I agree with Kendra, there's always someone out there whose kids are overachieving at something. They don't tell you about the issues the child is "behind" on. :)

It depends on what your definition of "trained" is, too. I didn't consider my kids trained until I could take them out in public or leave them with someone else and be sure that they would: know they needed to go, communicate that need to someone, and hold it till they got to the toilet. That's a lot more than just being able to "produce" after being placed on the pot on a schedule.