Friday, February 06, 2009

Hangin out

{For some reason Flickr is not wanting to post my picture, click on the link to see it}

So here is my progress on Pumpkin Patches by Full Circle Designs. I loved this design because it was so colorful. I am still liking it cause of that. I am able to get a couple of blocks done a night, so it is going quickly.
Tomorrow I get to have another stitching day with my Tarheel stitchers. It costs me a small fortune in babysitter fees, but well I would really miss it if i didn't go.
Annabeth is starting to communicate better, we now say "Bye bye" well, and are signing "more","ball", "help" and "dog". aong with saying the first couple of letters mo, ba, he, do etc they all sound the's all in the context. She is walking if you hold both hands, her balance just needs to catch up. (I HOPE!) I am getting tired of the not walking thing, I don't think anyone is meant to carry 25 pounds of almost 2 year old very far . If she isn't walking by her second birthday I may sell her to the highest bidder (before you get to excited I think her grandparents are first in that line.)

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