Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Black Hole..... no not my stitching closet, the actual "The Black Hole"

Tie that binds
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Hello everyone. I am so close to finishing Pumpkin Patches I can smell it ...and then I run out of Maple Syrup (the Gast color not the pankake topping).Oh well...soon maybe.

Here is my finished secret project for my sisters wedding that i had done in the final months of 08 that I could not tell you about. It is the Tie that Binds By La Di Da. I did it in the called for DMC in evenweave. I did it by Christmas so my mom could get it framed for my sister ...but due to unforseen issues it didnot make it back from the framers till a couple of weeks ago. So there you go. the colors look more intense in the photo then they are in real life. it is much more muted.

I stitched last night to an old movie "The Black Hole" Yeah... see...I was like 5 when that came out and remember the posters but never saw it. I am trying to catch up on all the old movies you were supposed to see but never did (like Tron...saw that a couple of months ago for the first time). Hmmm is 1979 considered old? It is in special effects certianly an antique. I had higher hopes for this movie. But the music...the music was horrible. I HATE it when the music doesn't go with the emotional tone of the scene. If you notice the music it is the wrong music for the scene...and the acting was a bit on the lazy side too. and Ernest Borgnine...what is it with him? why is he always the guy who screws it all up...in every movie he is in!

Oh well it was cool to see Arthur Petrelli (from Heroes) in his young self


Heidi said...

beautiful finish! Who is this by? I never saw that movie, of course I was not around in 1979 either.... Anyways congrats on the pretty finish!

Anna van Schurman said...

I did not know these were movies, let alone movies we were supposed to have seen. Where do I sign up for the newsletter?

Maybe you should see Marty--Borgnine won the Oscar for it. (I've never seen it.)

Love Ties that Bind! Beautiful gift.

Anonymous said...

No 1979 is not old!!!!! Oh love the work looks great on my wall!