Sunday, March 19, 2006

Little House Needleworks extravaganza!!!

Moon and Stars
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Well, not really, that just seems to be all I have stitched on this week. Here is the completed Moon and Stars...This one and Lavender Hill (below) are screaming for me to frame them, I have no idea where to hang them, but I must listen to the screaming.
Unfortunately there is no other stitching yelling at me, my heart just isn't in it lately. I spend my days typing on the computer redoing my thesis over and over, (4th (or is it the 5th) draft of the disscussion thank you). And after dinner I just feel like vegging in front of the TV. Part of the problem is the stuff I need to do (like the Green Darner) is complicated and requires lots of paraphenalia and thinking (confetti stitching,half stitches whatnot). Some one did ask me what I stiched Moon and Stars on...I used the fabric that it called for 28 ct. Silvery Moon Linen, I was just lucky that the store I bought the pattern had the fabric too.

and Here is a not quite finished Lavender Hill...I had the greens it called for 3052 and 3053 but when I went to stitch the lighter green it looked the same (which happens to me often due to some of the 30year old threads I have inherited), so tonight I will find a suitable green for the flower stems and the outer layer of the tree.

I loved stitching these, they were easy, quick, and fun.

Lavender Hill
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Ok on to other things First: after finding that I tend to look over other blogger wishlists and send them stuff when I find it, I figure maybe I should make one up too, I have started another blog page just for my wish list and you can bop on over using the link in my sidebar... I figure it is a good time to do this anyway with my graduation on the horizon (it is far but it is there!)

Stitching bloggers Question of the Week: Do you stitch “over one?” If so, describe your experiences. If not, have you considered it? (See an “over one” diagram.) I have and do not mind it but do not prefer it. My first over one was an ornament that I did for an exchange. over 32. .I needed it to be smaller than the original specified. Now that I think about it ,all my over one stitching has been for ornaments. I don't think I could do a large piece that way.


Margaret said...

Ooooooh I love LHN. And yours are great.

Hmmmmmmm. Thesis distractions. I think perhaps a PS alphabet is in order so you can do a bit at a time between drafts?

take care


Lee said...

Both LHN's look wonderful! They are so peaceful and relaxing to stitch. Great job!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Well I checked out your wishlist I am finishing Punkin Patches this next week at retreat and you are more than welcome to the chart when I am done. It's great fun to stitch with all the little patches and the specialty stitches in the center. Will let you know when I;m through. CJ

Jenna said...

Your LHNs are beautiful! Congratulations on a finish and a near finish. Can't wait to see them framed and hanging together.