Saturday, March 04, 2006

And It is March (damn..already?)

Santa as of 3/3/06
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Here is Mr Bear. I have done a bit o green at the bottom and on Santas mitten. I have not done much this week at all. But I did finally find the camera (I was in DH truck) so I took all the pictures and posted them take a look.

This weeks Question is:
What cross-stitch magazines or other publications (as opposed to blogs) do you read on a regular basis? What do you like about them? What do you not like? What would your perfect publication include?

I do not subscribe to any XS mag due to cost and lack of patterns I enjoy. I do buy the JCS ornament mag every year though. I will try to catch one or two in the bookstore occasionally but I almost never see one I HAVE to have that pattern (as I often do when I see a individual pattern). If you ask me (which I guess you just did) the american mags are currently behind the times and the britsh ones are too cutesy and too expensive. Neither use or show overdyed fibers or fabric, even as alternatives to DMC. (exception is the JCS ornament mag) All the patterns seem like stock standards that have just been reshaped and published.
If I were to make the perfect magazine, I would create it like a I use the web. Get a the popular designers today to do a few exclusives. Have a Nashville preview section where designs are shown. How about a reviewer who visits LNSs or ONSs in secret and writes a no holds barred review on the shop (like resturants). Articles on framing, finishing, color converting, and dying fabric. Instead of those insipid "look what i did!" pages, how about a well written diary of a stitcher struggling through a first time TW or Mirabila, the trouble she had the progress made and how she made the choices she did. Or how about an ongoing SAL Page where you get 6 stitchers to stich the same piece and do the progress thing above each month for say 3-5 months. (I am picturing a 2 fold layout with 6 pictures of half finished Celtic Autumns all different color conversions and a short update). How about contests for fibers and fabric from startup companies, the british mags have contests all the time...I want to play too..pout. and maybe sponsoring stitch weekends around the country, you get a group of stitchers together and the mag would send you some exclusive freebies and goodies in return for pictures and a short story. I am just brainstorming here, but it seems to me that the magazines have alot of potential that has not been achieved...
Until then I am off to an LNS instead.

In other news taxes came out better than last year we owe state but federal owes us. So Ian and I are heading to Charleston for three days. (we were going to do the whole week, it is my spring break, but I am to defend by the end of the month and need the time at school) . I am now working on my 3rd draft of the disscussion and hope to have it to my advisor tomorrow so I can enjoy my vacation.

As for my february goal of not blogging during the week and only stitching of weekends well, that fell apart a bit. I am still only writing on my blog once a week but I find myself sneaking peaks at other blogs at random. I am stitching during the week again, not doing it was putting me in a very foul mood.

March Goals:

  • Finish revising and DEFEND
  • Finish Moon and stars
  • Finish Angel in the clouds
  • continue work on Spring Garden and Santa
  • work on Green darner

See you all next week


sis said...

sorry don't look at any xs mags but you have to go check out my myspace page now that i have a computer at home with wifi internet i can be on at any time.
just go to and search me by my email then you will see me.

your sis

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Great magazine ideas you should write a letter (e-mail) to the editor of Just Cross Stitch or the newly revived Cross Stitch and Needlework. CJ

Jenna said...

I hope you're having a good time in Charleston! :)

Von said...

I just came to visit from Jenna's blog after she referred to your ideas on xs mags. You have some really excellent ideas that would be fabulous to see in print!!

Lelia said...

Excellent answer!!