Wednesday, February 09, 2005

who just ran me over?

Ugh is everyone having a wretched week or is it just me...........
Sunday we had a little party at my house, good cause I had to clean the house, bad cause we are left with so much Junk food.
Monday we went to get our taxes done...I was hoping for a return so we could maybe buy some stuff...but for the FIRST time Ian (we) owes money. Boy was he hot. Now I say Ian owes because I have owed money in the past due to W-2 screw ups and what not. Now we are filing Jointly and even my school credits and our morgage intrest could not save us. Last year we got 2,000 back this year we owe about 460. I think it is cause A past employer screwed up my withholding (again!) and that I made $4,000 in contractual work that was not taxed. Ian thinks it is cause he declared 1 on his w-2 for the first time. Either way H&R Block bites the big one...I never liked going cause it cost about as much as I got back in refund...I like doing it on the computer. And we always get idiots...Last year it was a woman who wasn't sure how to use a mouse...this year a guy wh0 accidentally erases a section and when we saw we owed $900 I had to tell him how to fix it so my school credit was counted.

Well long story short there is a cross stitch store going out of business this month in Hillsbourough, NC and for the first time (in a long time) I have no cash to spend. AGGGGH

And at school there is this abstract for a national conference in May due tomorrow, and the data we needed to finish it came in last week and every time I meet with my advisor she wants to see more graphs of the data...and all I want to do is write my proposal.

But the best news I got all week is here . Wil (as in Wil Wheaton) got a job!! and it's on the best show ever! (you have to read the Blog, I won't give it away...besides he writes it so much better than I ever could)

cross stitching...HA
maybe next week

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