Monday, February 21, 2005

What a weekend!!

So here is my weekend (and since I couldn't figure out how to post more that 1 photo to a blog entry ....just scroll down to the other picture posts)
Friday we had reservations at a expensive resturant (a belated valentines day) and we had a gift cert for it so it cost us little $$). Ian comes home with 1 rose (what I asked for) and it is a beauty (see below) he forgot the name but it is white on the outside a red inside. and in the tissue paper was $$ so I could go shopping! Ian knows that I have been dying to go to this LNS that's going out of business this month and have felt pretty strapped so I was very happy. We went to dinner and all was good.
Saturday I hit not 1 not 2 but 3 LNS... with the $ burning a hole in my pocket. The first was the one that is going out of business (about 40 min away) then since I was about 30 min away from the second one...I head into Raleigh (it was ok but nothing was on sale...and the vibe was strange). Then back to Greensboro to my town's LNS (they had XS charts for a $1). Then home. See picture of my haul below . At 4pm Max arrived, he is about a year old and was rescued from the pound....his current owner has another dog that didn't get along with Max. we met him a week ago and decided to adopt him. All was good.
Sunday the s*&% hit the fan...literally. First the good things, we think he is pretty smart, he has learned "sit" and is in process of learning other commands, he doesn't drool, doesn't get on furniture, is kennel trained, doesn't smell too bad (see note), and walks well on a leash (these were my qualifications for any dog) BUT now I am not sure if I am a dog person. First off I feel as if i need to entertain Max constantly...he follows me around and has a bad habit of licking any available skin. With his previous owner he had a doggy door and a fenced yard, so Max doesn't know how to tell you he needs to go out. No, he just goes to a room your not in and does his business there. EWW I wanted a housetrained dog so we didn't have to go through the puppy crap. (glad I don't care about my carpets) I took him out often (3-4 times on Sunday) and he thinks its walk time not bathroom time. NOTE: And to top this off Max has a gas issue, like really bad farts every hour...Ian thinks its nerves, but I SWEAR I almost puked twice yesterday it was so bad. All was not so good.

I hope this works out.


Kiwi Jo said...

It took me quite a while to get used to living with dogs too but now I wouldn't be without them. I'm very fortunate though in that DH does all the smelly, icky stuff! Congratulations on your great chart haul - very impressive!

Lee said...

Wow! What a spree! You have some GREAT stuff there.