Saturday, March 22, 2008

Story behind the runes

Rune Sampler- enchanted needle
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So I got this chart from a friend to do as a gift for someone yet unnamed, and I decide that the floss used in the model is not my color (Needle Necessities MacAulvey Manor, it is too yellow/ too green), and I couldn't see it on the internet, since they are now out of business. But I do want something that is tricolored overdyed as ahown in the model. So I head to the local shop, spend 20 minutes mulling over the colors and finally pick out a georgous NN skein that is Mauve/Blue/and Gold. It has no name just a # 127. I head home pick out 4 DMCs that match the skein for the stripes, and start stitching. About halfway through I notice that my DMC color choices are just one or two shades off the model #'s. I go to look up the # of the MacAulvey Manor....#127!

So long story short I stitched this with the colors called for (even though I had no Idea I was at the time). on 17 count fabric.

Hmmm that story was way more interesting as it was going on.

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Margaret said...

LOL I've done that before. Blame it on dye lots.

What the heck comes in 17 ct???