Thursday, October 05, 2006


Best Witches
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......Is right around the corner, have you decorated yet?
I LOVE Halloween, probably a combination of liking candy and the fall season being my absolute favorite (and I am bit Pagan too). I just love the concept of a holiday that was originally meant as a time when we are closer to our ancestors ( and they are closer to us WOOOOOoooooo). I dislike what the modern churches and evangelists are doing to Halloween, critiquing it as "satan worship". They are just upset that they couldn't fit their own holiday in its place like they did to the Winter solstice (Christmas) and the Spring Equinox (Easter). So they hold "Fall Festivals" in the basement of churches...but they still let the kids dressup (originally meant to ward of evil spirits) and gorge themselves on candy. Some day when I have a kid, I am totally turning my front yard into a cemetary and let the kid wander the street in unsafe costumes knocking on strangers doors and running the risk of death from a razorblade in an apple. The worst thing I ever got from trick or treating was a bible. (I swear!)

Wow, that soapbox was high, I better get down before I hurt myself.

I am off to pick up Seaology from the framers to see how it came out, I ended up not doing a mat for it, but if I like their work then Santa will be heading that way soon. Since it is a NEW month here are some new goals:

1. FINISH and FRAME Santa of the Forest

2. Work on and finish Spookline (I have 2.5 of the 5 goasts done, but since it is just white blobs I haven't revealed a photo.)

3. Pick 5 ornaments for this season, one will be for an ornament exchange at the Pidgeon Forge Retreat in Nov. and get to work.

Thats it, I am sure I will start something else, and I am knitting away a couple of rows at a time on my some real progress may be made soon.


The mind of Huy said...

HOw long does it take to knit a pillow?

Anna van Schurman said...

That is a pretty bad thing to get when you go trick or treating. Why the *&^% didn't they just shut off their porch light? Bad behavior. Falling from a great height myself,

Anonymous said...

***The worst thing I ever got from trick or treating was a bible. (I swear!)***

Tell us how you *really* feel, Heather, lol.