Saturday, October 06, 2012

Sampler Snowman

I finished finished this guy a couple of days ago. Don't ask me when I finished stitching him, but I know it was this year ( I think... ) ANYWAY he is Sampler Snowman by HomespunElegance. I want to pass on the pattern along with my leftover Caron Wildflowers thread in "Fiesta"(for the alphabet) if any one wants it. Just leave a note in the comments, if there is more than one ill do a drawing :)


Tammy Bergeron said...

Me, I would love this pattern. Your finish is soo cute! (

Lee said...

I'd like a chance on this one too! I need to stitch an ornament for an exchange and my exchange partner really likes HSE.

Miss Pants said...

That is cute! If you'd like, I could scan it for you and make a PDF of the pattern. I wouldn't mind a copy.