Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Old post

I have some down time so I was messing around on Flickr, adding photos and organizing sets etc. and i found a couple of photos sewing related that I meant to share after christmas.

Some of you know my cousin Betz White who has published a few books  and makes a career out of crafting.   I saw this post  where she made a cute box pouch from her new Family Cottage fabric prints  I  said "I can do that" and when her second collection of fabrics called Indian Summer came out I loved those even more and  I bought a sampler pack and went to work making some. I played a bit with the sizes and corners so all of them came out a wee bit different.  I gave all but one away for Christmas and  I learned some new sewing skills along the way. (tutorial for the box pouch is here, Changes that I made:  I used heavy weight interfacing due to the sateen weight of the fabric, and added a tab for zipping ease)

5 bags

You can tell which one was my first ones (top 2) the corners are a bit wonky.  These below were my last and favorite ones.  I loved the flowers and wanted that one originally, but the blue/green had the best lines and more space. after serious debate I kept the blue and gave the flowers one to mom.

2 favs


Anna van Schurman said...

Awesome! Great job.

Suzanne said...

These look great, well done!

Anonymous said...

please email me you have a chart i want to buy