Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And now a word from our sponsor

Hello all, I have been very busy lately ( new to teaching a lecture class of 175 will take up anyone's time) I had a great get together with my fellow Tarheels on Saturday, and have otherwise...sigh...not stitched at all. then last night when I realized I need to post a picture of what I did work on saturday, I couldn't find my camera. Worst Blog Ever! No really I am feeling so guilty about it I won't even let myself read anyone elses blog untill I get more into the swing of things.
Oh I did get to go to a small shop called Em-lis, in Dunn, NC. It is actually in her house (if her car is there she is open kind of place) She is really a big wholesaler of samplers to retailers but check out her website I got this Moira Blackburn Sampler which is not my regular style but I saw it as a model, and you know how that works!

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