Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I am so ready to leave.....

Dalton Mud
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.'s not funny. So before I came up here everyone who had been here gave me two impressions they either 1) loved it or 2) hated it. Well while I have been here I have determined why those felt the way they did. If they are young and unattached, or PI's (Primary Investigators- the Professors with all the $$), or only up here for a week or 2 then they loved it. but if you have a family, children, an SO (that you really love) at home, and are here for longer than a couple of weeks you are DYING to go home. I was young and unattached once, hoping from place to place with all my belongings, and ten years ago this would of been a great (and fun) experience. and at times it has been. I am glad I tried it out, I have now seen Alaska, and seen a critter or two. but I have also realized I have made a wonderful home in NC, and for the long haul am happier there.

On the upside I have a couple of job prospects and an interview when I get home. So I may not be unemployed for long.

There are 7 new photos of toolik in the set on flickr. I am leaving here Fri morning and wil be home by Sat night, but don't expect any blogging till at least wed/thurs (I may have some stitching done then!)

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~Harsha~ said...

you must be missing your home!